My Bay Area Rainbow and the Ten of Cups

“When your soul is filled with genuine wonderment,” he said, “it forms of the essence of your being.”

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Five of Pentacles: Material wealth, spiritual and emotional poverty

The richest people I know are also the stingiest. They have so much, yet give so little. They’re the kind of people who spend thousands of dollars on a trip overseas and when they return, they give you a thoughtless gift that costs a dollar. They’re always on Facebook and Twitter, but have no time to…

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Workaholism: the truth about success on paper (Ten of Cups)

Society has a way of using career success and money to justify all kinds of nonsense. For ‘career success’ we do all kinds of permissible crimes. We neglect our kids, our health, our sense of well-being… and even ourselves. We do it to succeed. But are we actually successful?

Success is not success unless it fits your definition of success. When you succeed on someone else’s terms by playing someone else’s rules – you ultimately feel empty. And no amount of money is going to make you feel better.

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