The Authorpreneur Routine: creativity and business

I’ve been super busy, super exhausted and just super in need of a holiday. But I think it’ll be sometime before I get to go on one. There is so much to do and so much to learn. When I decided to become an author some 12 years ago, I didn’t think I’d end up starting my own publishing house to publish my books. So in addition to the artistic process, I find myself dealing with the business of selling and promoting my debut novel The Little Light.


Just earlier today, I visited what has become my favourite library in Singapore – library@harbourfront. The view of the port and Sentosa Island from the library really brings me back to my element. I am both a Pisces and a descendant of merchants. As I gazed out at the port – I wondered what it all looked like when my ancestors came here five generations ago. The Port of Singapore has been the maritime capital of the world since 2015 and is currently the world’s second-busiest port in terms of total shipping tonnage. 

Business is in my blood. I don’t know where the need to write books and tell stories came from – but it’s there. It’s always been there. So might as well write my own books and sell them.

I’m currently working on the sequel to The Little Light – and although the story is taking shape in my head – there is a bit more to go before it becomes a coherent story that a reader might possibly understand… let alone enjoy. 

A lot of people think writers make things up – and we do. But it takes A LOT and I do mean A LOT of research, structure and editing to write ‘believable fiction’. I’m a huge book reader and lover (yea I know, which writer isn’t?) but I stopped buying paperback books after I left Melbourne some 5 years ago. It was heartbreaking for me to leave my books behind as they were too heavy to join me on my next journey. Since then, I’ve been an ebook convert. I know many book snobs will take offence to this…

But hey, can’t please everyone.

Having said that, I do very much relish a paperback. Especially when it comes to graphic novels. I have read graphic novels on Overdrive, but I can’t say I care much for it. By the time I’ve enlarged the image, read what’s written and resized it back so I can flip the page, I am so irritated that I can’t be bothered to continue reading the story. 

For visual books, it’s paperback and hardcover all the way. 

Two of the items on my business wish list is a graphic novel of The Little Light as well as an abridged version for children – so here’s hoping that that will come together in the near future. 

Till then, I’ll do my research, daydream a lot, figure out how to put the sequel together… and run Mith Books

All hail the ebook!

Till next time, goodnight.  


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