I am the Knight of Wands

I am the proud bearer of the element of fire. I’ve charted the seven seas with the only the courage the resides inside my restless heart. I cannot be restrained. I will not be tamed. Shackle me, and I will break free. 

I blaze a trail, as I go where no man has gone before. I may be here now, but you better keep up – or I will be gone. I’ll pack my bags and take the bare minimum and get on my horse once more. 

I push and I’ll keep pushing. I have no patience for the bounds of convention. I’ll speak my mind whether you like it or not. Try to temper me, and you’ll unleash my temper. If you knock me off my horse, I’ll get right back on. No matter what happens, I know that life awaits me with open arms.

I feel the fear. Believe me, I do. But I’ll do it anyway. And live my life without regrets. 

If you think I’m going to stick around, while you make up your mind, think again. Think twice. 

But don’t take too long, cause I will be gone. 

If I’ve come into your life, you’ll remember me forever. You’ll remember the passion. You’ll remember the fire. That burning desire. You’ll wonder if I remember you. And perhaps I do. But mostly I’ll remember that you were just another stop in the grand adventure that is life.  

So surrender your heart, and come away with me. 

If you don’t, you’ll live to regret it. 


Author’s note: The Knight of Wands has been a regular feature in my relationship readings. As a woman, it’s been tempting for my tarot readers to think that it represents the men in my life. After all, the Knight is a man of double fire. It took me years to figure out that the knight was me. The court card’s story inspired me to write my own. 

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