Remember Us: a tribute to Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba

I look back at a past that is long gone

I think of you

And how you came into my life

Tied together by Destiny’s thread

you are two

Did I choose it?

Would I have chosen it?

Did you choose it

Would you have chosen it?

Do we ever even get to decide?


I remember the cups that we shared

I remember the cups that we spilled

The careless words exchanged

As we parted our separate ways

Sometimes it was me

Sometimes it was them

A dark scar over every happy memory


Sometimes I wonder

What it would be like to go back

But then I remember

That dark scar

The one that spoiled it all

But it wasn’t always this way

How did something so beautiful 

Turn so bad


But it’s all over now

And all that’s left are memories

They come and go in waves




As though it were all a dream

A part of me wished it 

Could have lasted

But we never know

We’re not meant to


And then you wake up one morning

Next to someone new

Another city

Another place

But the old histories

How quickly they repeat themselves


You hope it’ll be different this time

You hope it’ll be better this time

You hope it’ll last this time

Instead of washing away

In that endless stream

The one that takes you

Along with it


Leaving you stranded

Wondering what’s next

Wondering what happened

And if it’ll finally be okay someday


We search for something that eludes us

We look for real love

And find the illusion instead

Something built on dreams


That get washed away


And you wake up the next day



You reach out for someone

That’s no longer there

Someone who’ll never be there again

So you get on with your life

Remembering the loss

The cups you shared

And the cups you spilled

And then at the moment you least expect it


It all begins again.


(Author’s note: I first read Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba in Melbourne some eight years ago. The graphic novel was a gift from my friend Tal for my birthday. The images stuck with me. This morning, I remembered the novel and re-read it. It awakened in me something that I hadn’t felt for a long time. Their story inspired me to write my own.)

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