Mr Ten of Wands: nearly there baby, nearly there

Mr Ten of Wands has come a long long way from where he first started in the Ace of Wands. When he first began, he had only a burning desire. A gift from the element of fire. He knew that there was something he wanted to do. And unlike many others, who are afraid to go after what their heart’s desire, Mr. Wands went forth. He had courage. He had ambition.

And above everything, he had a burning desire. 


Along his journey, he learnt that desire alone cannot accomplish what he set out to do. He realised that he had to make good decisions based on the choices life presented him. That he had to seek out opportunities where others saw problems. That he had to celebrate the little victories along the way. That he had to fight and compete with others to win. And through that process, he emerged victorious. Others cheered him on and applauded him. 

He had fought the good fight and he had won.

In the Seven of Wands, he realised that one cannot rest on one’s laurels. That to maintain and preserve his victories, he had to keep fighting. He had to keep going. And so that’s what he did.

He sought new opportunities. He went out there in the world again and repeated the process. He continued fighting. For he knew that those who rise, eventually fall. And so he kept going on his journey. No matter how tired he got, he didn’t give up. For in his heart, he is a warrior. 

And now, he’s nearly there. Nearly there at the finishing line. He can see the goalpost across the horizon. It is so near and yet it feels so far.

One step at a time, he tells himself. I didn’t come this far to throw the towel in. I didn’t come this far to just walk away.

The fatigue of the load he’s carrying hits him. But he refuses to give up. 

I didn’t come this far to shrivel up and die.

Nearly there, he tells himself. Nearly there.  

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