The Storm and the Soul Star

“Some storms come to test you,” my best friend says. “Other storms show up to clear your path.”

Wise words from one of the wisest women I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. 

Sine June 2018, my best laid plans have gone up in smoke. After that, my back up plans went up in smoke. And then there was nothing left… or so I thought. 

It took crisis after crisis to make me see that despite the darkness of the long nights, there was a Soul Star that had been lighting my way and guiding my path. 


Going through the dark night of the soul is never easy. No one truly wants or wishes for the Dark Night of the Soul. No one wants to breakdown time and time again till there’s nothing left. 

But there’s never nothing left. It just felt that way in that moment. In that moment where darkness descended upon me time and time again till I finally hit that breaking point. Till I just didn’t want to fight anymore.

Till I surrendered to it all. 

And then I realised that for everything that had fallen apart, there was still much in my life that was still intact. Friendships that had survived life’s hard tests of time and distance. People who showed up to cushion me from those hard falls.

I gazed up at that Soul Star that has guided me through all these years. 

I have a dream. I have a purpose. I have a yearning.

I am not dead. I am being reborn. 

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