My First Passover, My First Seder

Everything is this life is transient. Our relationships, our friendships and even our lives. Very few things in this world survive the tests of time and distance. Most things are fleeting. Temporary. Other things leave your life and then miraculously return, somehow intact. And other traditions are honoured year in and year out.

It’s my very first Passover. Yes, I lived in Israel for a while – but this was one of those holidays I missed out on because of the timing. Passover commemorates the story of Exodus in the bible: the journey of the Jewish people from slavery to freedom. When the Pharaoh freed the Israelites, they left in such a hurry that they there wasn’t enough time for the bread dough to rise. In commemoration of the event, no leaven bread is eaten for the duration of Passover.

This year, the start of Passover coincides with Good Friday. The last time I celebrated a Jewish holiday was some five years ago – and that was the year that Hanukah coincided with Thanksgiving.

So in a way, this is pretty much a full circle moment.


I’m unexpectedly back in Boston. It was a tumultuous turn of events that led me to the US and another tumultuous turn of events that brought me to Boston.

You never know where the wind is going to blow you.

The table was set up to symbolically recreate the ten plagues and the circumstances that led to the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Big transitions in life are never smooth. The haggadah (telling in Hebrew) that was laid out on the table explained the Exodus story and the included rituals like: the blessings over the four cups of wine, the custom of washing one’s hands, and an explanation for the various traditional items; in particular the bitter herbs and other symbolic foods.

And there’s nothing like a family holiday to remind you of the importance of having good people in your life. 

Till next time, hag samech

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