The Knight of Cups Saves the Day


“What happened sweet Page of Cups?” I hear a vaguely familiar voice say. 

“Do we know each other?” I ask. 

“In a sense,” the man says. 

“Who are you? Why have you come here on that horse?”

“I am the Knight of Cups.”

“I have no more time for Knights. I am drained and depleted. My reservoirs are empty. I have nothing left for you.”

“I don’t want anything from you. In fact, it is I, who has something for you.”

“What is it, and why have you brought it?”

“You are a child of the element of water. It is in the nature of water to flow. I have come to offer you my cup.”

I look up into his green eyes. There is a shy sweetness about him. A sincerity. I look away from him and back at my fallen cups. I remember the hurt. The pain. The disappointment. The deep cuts. The heavy burns. 

“Who did this to you?” the Knight of Cups asks.

The Page of Swords.”

“I know him. One day he will be a great King. But that day is not today. Like you, he too is on a journey to reach the highest manifestation of his element.”

I know what  he is saying. But this is not an issue that logic and reasoning can solve. The Knight of Cups gets off his horse. I roll my eyes. Just what I need. Another Romeo to walk in and turn things upside down and inside out. 

“Turn around,” the Knight says. “Walk away from those fallen cups and come to me. I cannot force you. I can only offer you my cup. But you must drink of it of your own volition.”

I hesitate for a moment. I didn’t want to get hurt again. I’d had enough heartache to last me a lifetime. But staying stuck in my grief wasn’t an option either. I turned around and walked towards him. 

“Valentine’s Day is coming,” he says. “Spend the day with me?”

I nod. I’d like to say my heart was in it, but quite frankly it was dead.


“You said you had nothing left to give me,” the Knight of Cups says. “But that is not true. Your stories delight me. Your intelligence intrigues me. And…you’re a damn good cook.”

I smile knowingly. I was no stranger to men falling for what I brought to the table. But I can’t say very many of them understood me for who I was deep down. 

“You’re very sensual,” he continues. “I like you. I have since that first night we met.”

I nod. I was no stranger to this sentiment either. I’d heard it countless times before. Some men mean it. Others don’t. And to be honest, I can’t tell the difference.

He gently pulls me towards him. When you’ve spent years and years in a monogamous relationship, it’s always strange when someone new touches you. The Knight of Cups has the touch of a natural nurturer. He is a Cancer, after all. I’d dated another water sign man before. He was the same. He poured his heart into you. It was a magical feeling. 

“So tell me,” the Knight of Cups says. “How long have you been staring at those fallen cups?”

“A year,” I say sadly. 

Whilst I had been wallowing in my sorrow, the Page of Swords had long moved on. He’d swiftly cut me out of his life and replaced me with another distraction. It was the final sword I let him stab in my heart. It was the Tower Moment. The breaking point. 

“He’s a young page,” the Knight of Cups says. “It is in the nature of children to break the hearts of others with their foolishness. It has nothing to do with you.” 

Again with the reasoning and logic. I understood the words but not not their true meaning. If all of this had nothing to do with me, then why am I the one in pain? 

The Knight of Cups gently lifts me up by the waist and places me on top of him. I hear a loud rip. My favourite business skirt’s seams have come undone. I laugh. They never show you this in the movies. How clumsy the whole thing can be. 

“I’m sorry,” he says.

“Don’t be,” I say.


I wake up at 3am and poke him. 

“I’m cold,” I say.

“Are you?” he says.

“Umm hmm….”

Being mildly irritating is one of my charms. The Knight of Cups envelops me in his arms. Next to him, I’m tiny.

“That was special,” he says. 

I nod. When two water signs get together, the chemistry is always undeniably deep. No one can understand a water sign’s needs quite like another water sign. We are kin – flowing from the same source. He did that thing that we water signs do when we care about someone. He’d offered me his cup – expecting nothing in return. 

It’s how we water sign people end up getting hurt. We sometimes pour our souls into people who don’t deserve us. 

But the water signs are also natural healers. We have the remarkable ability to stay in the flow of life and continuously renew ourselves.


And then I closed my eyes and went to sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I was still in his arms. I didn’t want to pry myself away, but I still had bills to pay and responsibilities to meet. I got ready for work and we made our way to the train station. I reached for his hand to hold on the way there. He gazed at me with a look of fear and surprise.  

I was momentarily taken aback. And then I realised it.

As promised, he had given me his cup. And now he was scared that I would spill its contents. 

I squeezed his hand a little tighter. 

“May I see you again?” he asked as we parted ways.

“I’d love that.”

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