My Dearest Knight of Pentacles

My dearest Knight of Pentacles,


You have my heart in the palm of your hand and you don’t even know it. I’m wide open and just waiting… waiting for you to take a chance on me. So tell me young man – how long are you going to make me wait? I have a lot of time for you, but I don’t have forever. 

Life is short. We must make the most out of opportunities for they will soon be gone. The other knights understand this… But you… 

I know you’re different.

You’re not like the Knight of Wands – caught up in the thrill of the chase. The kind of man that walks in and out of my life as he sees fit. Neither are you like the Page of Swords who is willing to slickly say anything to get what he wants. The kind of man who’ll slice you with his words. And God knows I’ve been cut and burnt. 

I’m old enough to know better than to give in to the likes of them. They might have had a taste of me – but they never had my heart. Not the way you do. You’re not like the others. I trust you. I respect you.

For you, I’d gladly surrender it all. You needn’t even ask. 

How quietly you sneaked into my heart without me realising. There was no grand gesture, no outstanding unforgettable date, and no big romance. But you were always quietly there. In the little things you did everyday.

I notice you. I notice everything that you do. I see you. I see everything that you do. 

You never said a word, but I saw it in your eyes. The way your heart skips a beat when I touch you. I remember, the way your eyes linger on me for a moment longer than they should. I notice, the way you quickly avert your gaze whenever I look at you. It wasn’t the hot fire of passion I saw in your eyes, but a look of quiet admiration – for a woman you’ve secretly been in love with. 

Tell me, sweet Knight – why do you keep it all inside?

Oh – you thought I didn’t notice? Of course I did. I am the Queen of Cups. The water sign woman. The world of emotions is my domain. No matter of the heart ever escapes me. When I’m near you, I can feel the warmth you bury deep inside as though it were my own. Is it possible – for a man always so calm, so cool, so collected – to be so unnerved by an innocent kiss?

“There is never anything innocent about a kiss,” I can hear your nemesis the Knight of Wands say. “A kiss is a promise of everything to come.”

I grin. I’m not a fan of the Knight of Wands – but he’s always had his moments. But still, it’s you I love. Your awkwardness, your inhibitions and your reticent nature doesn’t fool me. I know you’re that dark horse, that’ll end up winning it all. 

Oh Knight of Pentacles, you have my heart in the palm of your hand. For you, I’d gladly surrender it all. 

Yours always,

The Queen of Cups


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