Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018: Unleashing the King of Fire from Saturn’s cage

Hello world. I am the King of Wands. My element is fire and I rule over it because I have mastered the highest manifestation of the flame that sustains life. I am the King of Fire. A Sagittarius man personally blessed by Jupiter himself: the great benefic of the cosmos.


From 2014-2017, Saturn and I sat down for a long chat. He talked slowly and I listened. It was a tedious process. Don’t get me wrong, I have great respect for Saturn. Without his laws, structures and systems – the Solar System would collapse. Having said that, Saturn and I are fundamentally different. To me, life is a grand adventure. To Saturn, life is a tremendous responsibility. It’s not that he’s right and I’m wrong or vice versa. We’re just different. 

And right now, I feel a much-needed shift in the energy around me. Saturn left my home constellation of Sagittarius at the end of 2017. I can’t say I particularly enjoyed our long three year chat. It was a necessary rite of passage – but at the end of it I felt deeply exhausted. I just couldn’t deal with the weight of all those responsibilities anymore. Yes, life is hard. And yes, there are these things called ‘realities’ that we all have to deal with. 

No one is denying that. 

Saturn is the great sustainer – bringing longevity and wealth to those blessed by him. Saturn blessed the King of Pentacles with great material abundance that is the envy of many. But as Saturn talked and I listened, I wanted nothing more than to get up and run away. It’s not that I didn’t understand the value of what Saturn was saying; it’s just that there were other things that were far more important to me. 

Life is so much more than mundane realities. 


And just when I thought that Saturn’s lecture was going to go on forever, he got up and left. In life, nothing lasts forever – even if it feels that way at the time. 

Whilst Jupiter can bless those under his influence with great wealth, the primary motivation of Jupiter is never material. Jupiter is inspired by other things – faith, knowledge, understanding, wisdom, education and spiritual abundance. To Saturn, a lot of these things feel like ‘fluff’. And who can blame him? Jupiter’s blessings are not things that you can see, feel or touch. It takes great faith in oneself and in the universe to chart territories that have never been charted. A lot can go wrong when you put yourself out there and embrace the unknown.


But there’s something that terrifies me far more than the great unknown. 


Not so much death itself. But the whole notion that this life business is going to end someday and that it is my highest duty and calling to live out a full life – or I will leave this world with regrets. 

In fact, I was sitting in my office the other day doing some meaningless mundane routine task when it hit me. Just what the hell am I doing with my life? Saturn’s lessons of hard work, discipline and structure are necessary – but they are also limited. Is it all worth it? Will doing the same thing over and over again lead to the kind of rewards you’re looking for?

And then that thought hit me again. The voice was loud and wouldn’t go away.

I’m going to die one day. I’m going to die one day. I’m going to die one day.

We all are. And when that happens there won’t be another tomorrow to worry about. Another tomorrow to waste time doing things that don’t really matter to you or anyone else. 

And then I heard Jupiter’s voice. 

Did you live your life to the fullest? Did you take the risks you wanted to take? Did you live the life you wanted to live or did you live by someone else’s rulebook? Were there things you wanted to do – but you stopped yourself – finding a million different reasons why it couldn’t be? Did you look at your dreams and think you didn’t deserve them? What happened with that person – the one you admired from afar and never took the chance to get to know?

I sighed. I needed to take action. Fast. 

What do I do with this untamed fire in my heart? The deep passions that have nowhere to go?

And so I walked out of the office and decided that it was time to embrace the unknown. I will not be held back. I will not be tamed. 

I will no longer reside in Saturn’s cage. The world is waiting for me. The world is waiting for me. 


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