The Sagittarian Way: blessed by Jupiter

This is just not me. This is not what I’m meant to be doing. There’s a higher calling… Something more out there… Life was meant to be more than this… 


If you’ve ever had thoughts like these, you can blame it on… Planet Jupiter. 

Ever since Jupiter entered Sagittarius on 8 November 2018, I can feel a certain push, a certain fire in my belly that wasn’t there before. I can honestly say that it’s been YEARS since I felt such a strong desire to just drop everything and take a plunge into the unknown. The last time I felt this way was back in 2013. But back then, every adventure’s possibility was tinged with the fear of uncertainty. This time around, there is an unexplainable sense of faith.

Don’t worry…. Feel free to jump off that cliff… Everything is going to be just fine…


Someone who is blessed by Jupiter. 

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by planet Jupiter: the planet of expansion, faith, luck and opportunity. All fire signs are independent by nature, but Sagittarius is the explorer. The one that’s unafraid to chart new courses, new territories and new terrains. If it’s something that hasn’t been done before – Jupiter wants to do it. Armed with nothing but faith and optimism, Sagittarians long to dive into the unknown. It’s not the goal or the outcome that matters. It is the thrill of the journey – and of emerging on the other side as a different person than the one who walked in. 


I don’t know who’ll come out on the other end… But I want to take that plunge. 

Should I?

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