The Great Japanese Farewell

It’s official. I’m leaving Japan. The past week has been a celebration of my past 3.5 years here. Since Friday night last week, it’s been one farewell party after the next. Old friends. New friends. Colleagues. Bosses. And so on and so forth. And the party isn’t over. The celebrations are still in motion. There’s lamb slow-cooking on the stove as I write this. 

I’ve known for sometime now that I’ll be leaving Japan soon – but it didn’t quite hit me till I taught my last lesson yesterday. 

Wow – it’s finally almost over. I’ve waited for this moment for sometime now. 

This is all really bittersweet. I can’t say I’m sad to leave my life in Japan behind. But still – I feel glad to have lived the life that I have here. It’s been a full one.

But I’m looking ahead now – over the sun and towards the horizon.

A bright future awaits. 

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