Kumar: Singapore’s most hilarious comedian

I’m old enough to say that I’ve been watching The Kumar Show for 16 years. Yep. That’s how long I’ve been a fan. He’s the most hilarious Singaporean I know. I first started watching Kumar when he used to perform at the Hard Rock Cafe on Monday nights. The show consisted of some singing and dancing, his standup comedy routine – and of course, that segment where he calls on the audience and makes fun of them. That segment we both dread and love. 

He called on me once some 15 years ago. Although I remember it happening; I don’t remember the details anymore. It was a long long time ago.

All these years have passed, and I still love the Kumar Show. Whenever I watch his show, I always feel free. No one does Singaporean humour better than Kumar. Seriously. And it isn’t slapstick stuff – there’s the sad truth in everything funny he says. I find myself nodding and going, ‘That’s so true!’

I also find myself repeating his jokes to anyone who’ll listen. Some of them I might have even repeated twice or thrice. Ahem… Ahem… Oops. 

Despite the funny man drag queen persona on stage, Kumar had a difficult childhood. I learnt about it when I saw a couple of his interviews on YouTube. He was bullied at school and his father was abusive towards him and his family. When I put two and two together; it’s hard to fathom that no one ever leaves his show deeply satisfied and with their jaws aching from laughing too hard. 

And yesterday – that person was me.

As a born-and-bred Singapore who’s been living abroad for close to 11 years – I get homesick now and then. It isn’t a perpetual state, though. It comes and hits me every 1.5 to 2 years. During that time, I fantasise about returning home. And whenever I need to feel like I’m back home, I do two things. 

I watch the Kumar Show on YouTube; and I watch Lee Kuan Yew’s speeches. It all depends on the mood. It’s all about whether I want to talk about politics or whether I want to laugh about it. 


So when I returned to Singapore this time around, one of my wishes was to go see the Kumar Show. And yesterday, I did that with my best friend.


It was her first time, and it was my umpteenth time. I’m always a little nervous about inviting people along for the Kumar show. Despite his undeniable talent and widespread popularity – there are those who are not partial to his race-related humour and sexual jokes. 

I happen to enjoy both very much. Especially the sexual jokes. *Big grin*

I ordered my tickets through Eventbrite and the show took place at Canvas Singapore. I was surprised that the seats for the Tuesday night show were sold out. I ended up with standing tickets. We came early so we had a small ledge to sit on while we waited for the show to start. And whilst we waited in anticipation, we were treated to LOADS and I do mean LOADS of music videos from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. 

It was a blast from the past. Big time. And it was amazing to share it with my best friend – whom I’ve known since I was 14. Damn, we’re all grown up now.

Kind of. Maybe. Err.. maybe just on the outside?

And then Kumar came on stage. He started his repertoire. 11 years may have passed since I left Singapore – but his jokes made me feel like it was only yesterday. 

Till next time, stay funny 🙂

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