Three of Swords: the hurting heart

The heart can stay wounded for a long long time after the injury has been inflicted. It’s strange – if you really stop to think about it. Years may have passed since the sword inflicted its pain – but the memory and intensity of it can linger like a guest that’s overstayed its welcome. You know that the departure of the guest is long overdue, but somehow the pain feels like it’s here to stay. 

Yes – it was a long time ago. Yes – people can and will tell you to get over it. Yes – perhaps they’re even right. But till pain is healed – it just hurts. And there’s very little that anyone can do about it. Hell – maybe you even want to get over it and you can’t. 

Emotional pain is a really strange thing. It’s just there. Somewhere in the background. You go about your daily business and you think the emotion has disappeared, but one small reminder and it’s back. 

You thought the unwanted guest had left the building, but it never did…

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Three swords. Straight to the heart…

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