The Tokyo Suicides 

Another day of the daily grind 

Another day of the midnight Tokyo commute 

Millions stranded on the tracks

As a few jumped to escape their woes

I stare at my watch 

Wondering what time I’ll get home 

This? Again? 

It feels like time is suspended

Like there’s nothing to do but wait

There was a time when the thought of someone taking their own life shocked me to my very core 

But these days I feel nothing 

Perhaps a repressed irritation 

That I have to wait

Yet again

That we all have to stand and suffer in silence 

Because someone decided to end their life 

By jumping on the train tracks

The ones we all use

What a selfish way to go

You go down and you take us all down with you 

The rest of the commuters and I look at each other 

The same ‘there’s nothing we can do about it’ expression etched across our faces

And it’s true

There really is nothing we can do about it

So we stand and suffer

And think about when we’ll get home

Yet another Tokyo midnight commute

Yet another Tokyo suicide…


9 thoughts on “The Tokyo Suicides 

    1. Before living here I read about it in the news, but now that I’ve experienced it time and time and time again… the whole issue has taken on a different perspective in my mind.

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      1. Stress… Japan is an incredibly collectivist culture. Fitting in, being a part of the group, duty to one’s peers always comes first.

        Japan can be an incredibly lonely place for someone who doesn’t fit in.

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