A New Life on Judgement Day

The time has come,

To let bygones be bygones

To forgive

Even though we can never forget

To let old memories fade


As a new life begins

One where we choose our own path

Where we stand at a crossroads

Knowing that what once was,

Need no longer be

And that what’s dead

Cannot be born again

The horn sounds loudly

Reminding you that the past is long gone

And there’s no looking back

Don’t you dare look back

Where you are now

Is so far away from where you started

You had to earn it each step of the way

And earn it you did

You look back and see that long dark tunnel


You see the demons you left behind

The ones that took but never gave

You remember that tower

The one you built on a foundation of clay

How it took you down when it came crashing


A curse disguised as a blessing

Something that looked so good

But felt so bad.

The ten swords that stabbed you in the back

The people who left you for dead

People who love you just don’t do that

They don’t leave you lying there

To pick up the million broken pieces


But somehow you did it

You don’t know how you survived it

The exile

The isolation

The pain

But the sun

It came out again

And you smiled again

And laughed again


So you forgive your sins

And you forgive those that sinned against you

You take a deep breath

You decide to live again

You decide to love again.

And you let bygones be bygones

On Judgment Day.

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