Wildwood Tarot: Honouring your ancestors on Halloween

These days we no longer talk about our ancestors. We’ve disguised this topic under more modern semantics such as: ‘identity’ and ‘heritage’. But I think the concept is still the same. We talk about those that came before us so that we may better understand who we are today.

Nowadays, Halloween is nothing but one big party to a majority of people. But once upon a time it was known as Allhallowtide: that time of the year that was dedicated to remembering the dead. It is widely believed that many Halloween traditions have their roots in the Celtic Festival Samhain.  Halloween also falls in Scorpio season: the astrological period when the veil between the physical and spiritual world is at its thinnest. And with both the Sun and Jupiter in Scorpio this year, this energy feels particularly strong to me.

And so on this day, for the very first time, I will take the time to honour my ancestors.

I honour my ancestors
Both past and present
I honour you for bringing me into this world
For giving me life

How many miracles it took
How many oceans you crossed
So that I may be here
So that I may enjoy this human experience

My Human Experience

So I could breathe and just be me
I cherish my Life
I cherish the one you once lived

I honour your legacy
As I slowly build my own
I remember all that you taught me
As I stand tall and teach others
And as I continue to humbly learn more each day

I thank you
I honour you
I am you and you are me
Dearly departed,
Blessed be

9 thoughts on “Wildwood Tarot: Honouring your ancestors on Halloween

  1. Good to remember our ancestors once a while. By the way I heard that Japanese used to remember them in July/Aug every year, do you have any idea about its significance ?


    1. Yes. It’s called Obon and it’s a Buddhist Japanese festival that goes for 3 days. During that time most people return to their homes, light candles and visit the graves of their ancestors.

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