Robert Kiyosaki in Tokyo: Day 1 Wealth Master Congress Japan 2017

Wealth Master Congress Japan 2017 was organised by idiots. It all started when I booked the ticket. I had to fill up a form to book the ticket, fill up a form to prove I had paid for the ticket and then send three emails to the event organiser about why I hadn’t received the ticket. FUN ISN’T IT? I would rather teach at kindergarten than deal with Live Create ever again. Despite the fact that there were a whole host of international speakers, information was not available in English. Yipeee! But that wasn’t the main problem…They’re disorganised organisers. Forgive the pun.

So I arrived at the event at 8am for a 9am start. I had to wait in line for an hour and 20 minutes. Yes – the event ACTUALLY started late. How very un-Japanese. When I walked in, there was still a long long line of people behind me. When I got to the end of the queue to get my wristband, there was only one person at the counter. Despite the fact that the event runs for two days – I was only given one wrist band. Such geniuses!

And it doesn’t end there. They’d overbooked the event, so there were tons of people sitting on the floor… And unfortunately, I was one of them. If I didn’t have a colleague/friend to roll my eyes with and crack sarcastic jokes, I would have gone crazy. Considering the cheapest ticket was 18,000 yen ($180), I thought it was pretty pathetic on their part.

As expected at most of these events, there were other speakers. Some of them were Japanese and some of them were international. Interpretation devices were available for realtime translation as most of the audience doesn’t (won’t?) speak English. I found myself dozing in and out of the Japanese speeches – I’m not a fan of long-winded, austere, formal and expressionlessly serious Japanese. I prefer the casual, cut-to-the-chase Japanese that my students taught me.

And then Robert Kiyosaki came on stage.

I remembered reading his ultra-famous book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad‘ during my first year of business school some 13 years back. Despite Kiyosaki’s anti-school stance, it was a teacher who recommended the book to me and I can still remember reading it. Robert Kiyosaki starts talking and I feel relaxed for the first time since I woke up this morning. He talks about how much he disagrees with the traditional education system – an opinion I can relate to 100% having been on both side of the equation as a student and as a teacher.

We covered some interesting topics today – the American and Japanese economy, the fact that we don’t learn financial literacy in school, doing business in the internet age and so on and so forth. I didn’t learn much that I didn’t know, but… hey.

Oh and the event itself didn’t run smoothly either – we had loads of technical glitches, slow internet connection and problems with the microphone. 

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s better. I really hope I won’t be slumming it again on the floor. The cheapskates that organised this event should have picked a better venue.

Till next time – goodnight. 

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