Ace of Wands: an entrepreneur is born

I am in the midst of starting my own venture. Well, it was bound to happen eventually. It’s in my blood, after all. My ancestors were seafaring entrepreneurs and re-discovering the tales of their time in Japan really inspired me. Big time. If they can leave everything behind and start something new, so can I. This isn’t the first time I’ve attempted starting my own business. I’ve failed and fallen flat on my face before, but this time around – I have a new strategy and game plan.

In my attempt to find the courage to begin again, I had to do some serious soul searching about why I failed. I had to dig into a painful chapter I’d rather forget and relegate to the old dusty history books. I had to look into a mirror I didn’t want to look into.

I wish I had known how to… I wish I had… If I had known what I know now I would have… I wish I hadn’t trusted that person…

Oh yes, that round and round spiel that goes nowhere.

I’ve been in an irritable, anti-social and fed up mood for the past month. If my work didn’t require me to talk to people, I probably wouldn’t have done that either. But I know better than to run away from my life and my responsibilities – they have a way of catching up with you. And no – nothing in particular has set me off, it’s just that I’m restructuring my life. I’m getting rid of things that have run their course, and making room for the next step in my life.

September was not a good month for me. It was deeply anti-climactic – returning to a humdrum routine after seven weeks on the road for both business and pleasure. It’s nice having a home base to come back to, but I miss being out in the world. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Qatar and Ireland and… all the fun I had just living in the moment and having an adventure. 


Having said that, I don’t want to be lost and running and living out of a suitcase. Not my style. My mind has been occupied with other things. My priorities are different now. I’ve known for a while now that I have a gazillion million interests and trying to put them all together to fit a coherent career plan been a bit of a challenge – but I’m working on it. For those of you who are into astrology – I blame it on my Gemini Ascendant. Jack of all Trades and Master of None.

Damn it. 

And so in typical Gemini fashion, I’ve had my head buried in books, classes and conversations in an attempt to understand the business world in the 21st century. There is a lot to learn. 

But the lessons of success and failure remain timeless.  I understand now that both failure and success are temporary. If you fail, you shouldn’t hide in your room with a bottle of whiskey because life always shows up with second chances and third chances. If you succeed, you should remain humble and plan for rainy days because who knows what’s around the corner?

I’ve restructured my life to make room for my new venture. With a resolute hand, I hold the Ace of Wands in my hand. To hell with failure, it’s time to get up and try again.


If any of you have stories about your failures or successes I’d love to hear them. Also – if you have any advice for me as I embark on my new adventure, I’m all ears. 

Till next time, be bold. 

2 thoughts on “Ace of Wands: an entrepreneur is born

  1. The only advice I have to offer is to be patient with yourself. My parents have started their own business from the ground up and it’s slowly taking off. Every month they earn about a $1 more than the last month. That may not seem like much growth, but the upward trend is the important part. My dad says nothing beats watching your own tiny business slowly grow up land struggle to stand on its own.

    Best of luck to you on your venture.


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