The Fool’s Journey: Three Years in Japan

Like the Fool in the tarot deck, I came to Japan with a certain naivety, innocence and sense of adventure. My eyes were filled with wanderlust. I had left most of my possessions behind and only brought the bare necessities with me. It was scary – letting go of everything that I knew. I was afraid of the unknown. What if it was far worse than what I had? 

I didn’t know what to expect. But what I definitely didn’t expect was an incredibly difficult (and still currently ongoing) Saturn Return. Life here in Japan hasn’t been easy for me. Most people wouldn’t willingly choose a hard life. But then again – most people don’t value things that come to them easily and quickly. We tend to take such things for granted and then sit by in regret when they’re gone.

I don’t believe we’re meant to know the future. If I had known about all the hardships I would face – I never would have left my living room. But then again – if I had known about all the amazing things that I would achieve, accomplish and experience – life wouldn’t have had the chance to surprise me.

And life can be so incredibly sweet at times.

September marks three years in Japan. It’s a short time for so much to have happened. I won some. I lost some. But now that enough time has passed and old wounds have finally healed – I realise that nothing that is truly yours can ever be taken from you.

What (and who) is meant for you has a way of magically finding its way to you despite time, distance and even desire. Things that are meant to be will be. Things that are not meant to be have a way of fading away, falling apart or blowing up in flames. These days I no longer hold onto people, situations and circumstances that have run their course. Nor do I waste time trying to change present circumstances if things refuse to budge. 

On that note – summer is finally here. The sun is out. The holidays are on the horizon. I’m lucky that I have so many opportunities to travel for work. I have two business trips coming up. I’ll be going someplace new as well as returning to the place where life in Japan began for me.

And then I’ll finally be taking some much-needed personal days and going to a country that I’ve never been to before. My full circle moment is coming. I wonder what it’ll feel like. I am much wiser than I was three years ago, but my eyes are still filled with wanderlust. I pray I never lose that sense of adventure.

But knowing me – I doubt I ever will. 

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