King of Swords: Learning how to be a damn good boss

Most people love the idea of being a ‘boss’. They want nothing more than to be ‘in charge’. They love being the top dog, the alpha, the one that runs the whole show. Unfortunately, most people want to rule over others. They have no idea how to lead others. This isn’t surprising. Leadership isn’t a subject that’s taught in school or a skill that’s actively encouraged.  

If you’ve been in the workforce long enough – I’m sure you’ve met an avalanche of terrible superiors. The good-for-nothing bosses, the inefficient managers and the morons who are really high up in the hierarchy for no real reason. Instead of dividing responsibilities according to who can get the job done – bad superiors favour their friends, transfer their own responsibilities to overworked or inexperienced people, and blame others when things go wrong. 

And then they are surprised when people quit suddenly. Hmm… about that… 

boss-1020727_1920.pngRuling over others is an old school and outdated concept that doesn’t work. Especially in this day and age where people are often the most important asset an organisation has. Instead, bosses have to learn to lead. We need to learn how to tap into the skills of our people because we can achieve more as a cohesive collective than we ever can as a band of bickering idiots. 

The King of Swords

The King of Swords sits on a throne. He holds a sword in his right hand but his persona is calm, collected and steady. He is not aggressive. Instead, he is assertive. He uses his extensive education and experience to make decisions that benefit the collective. He cuts out everything that is not required. He focuses on finding solutions to problems instead of allocating blame. He relies on his intellect to make decisions whilst remaining firm and fair in his dealings with others.

Some might describe him as aloof and detached, but this is exactly what is required to see the big picture and manage things on a large scale. He is not interested in people’s personal feelings and family lives. But still – it’s important to him that his employees are happy, well-taken care of and feel fulfilled at work. Any smart person knows that unhappy people are incompetent workers.

The King of Swords is not the kind of person who bothers with giving or listening to inspirational speeches. Instead, he focuses on winning the trust and respect of his people. He is reliable, trustworthy and a damn good boss. He is the King of Swords. 

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