The Devil: addiction to self-harm

We know its bad for us, but we still do it. Cigarettes. Alcohol. Pornography. Drugs. Gambling. Eating disorders. Abusive relationships. The list doesn’t end there. So many of us are addicted to harming ourselves. But why do we do it? Why do we feel the need to harm ourselves in such a dark and destructive way?

The Devil is probably the scariest card for querents to receive during a reading. Most of us don’t want to examine our shadow. This is the part of ourselves that we want to hide from the world. But it exists. It exists because there is fear. Desperation. A lack of faith in God. Somewhere deep deep down, we don’t believe that a happy and fulfilling life is our birthright. So we settle for what the devil offers us – the illusion. The worst part of it is that we don’t think we can do any better. 

We voluntarily escape into the Devil’s arms and chain ourselves to those meaningless highs that come from taking unnecessary risks. We had a choice in the matter. We didn’t choose wisely. We get addicted to the highs without realising that they come with the lowest of lows. We spend a lot of time, money and effort supporting a habit that gives us nothing in return. We’re essentially pouring energy into a deep dark black hole. 

The chosen vice may have started out as a temporary release from a personal issue. But you wake up one morning and realise that you have a significant problem on your hands that is causing you (and even those around you) a lot of guilt and grief.  When you spend your days knowingly doing something that is bad for you, it does gnaw at you somewhere. 

And one day it gets so bad that you finally arrive at that place – the dark night of the soul. You encounter a major crisis. One that asks for your very existence. And you realise that no vice is worth that. 

Edvard_Munch-The_Day_After (2).jpg

After a long time, you finally see things for what they are. There is no need to escape into your vice because it solves nothing. What good can possibly come out of harming yourself? With a renewed faith in God, we unchain ourselves from the Devil. We need not fear for we know that we have it in us to face whatever challenges come our way. 

We deserve better than the illusion of happiness. We deserve the real thing. 

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