Detachment: the art of manifesting nothing?

Eastern religions often advocate detachment as a way of life. Detachment as a practice often consists of abstaining, withdrawing and retreating from worldly matters. When we finally achieve this almost impossible task –  we attain moksha or liberation. But do we? Can we? Will we ever? Are we even meant to?

We were born into the physical world of matter for a reason. I don’t believe the spiritual plane is superior to the physical plane or vice versa. Instead, I believe they are deeply intertwined and interconnected. One cannot exist without the other. 

Dear Ankit,

The first card I drew for you is the Magician in reverse. With the wand in his right hand, the Magician is endowed with the power to manifest from the spiritual plane to the physical plane. As above, so below. On his table, he has the four elements – the tools with which he can manifest his creations and share it with the world. In reverse, the Magician internalises this power of manifestation and wastes his natural abilities. 

The second card I drew for you is the High Priestess in reverse. She holds the key to the mysteries and knowledge of this world. She has great knowledge of both worldly and spiritual matters. In reverse, she is passive. She has all the tools and all the knowledge – but instead of sharing it with the world, she retreats from it – wasting the knowledge that she’s been given. 

The third card I drew for you is the Two of Cups in reverse. When we are that passive and that insular – we are unable to form relationships or share our great gifts with others. So what we if we all of this great knowledge and these great powers of manifestation? What does it all mean if we can’t give back to society in a constructive way? 

The last card I drew for you is a message card from the Wildwood Tarot Deck. The World Tree: a card of completion, endings, beginnings and continuation. The World Tree represents that we are all in this together. All life and knowledge exists in the same consciousness. We are connected to our ancestors who are long gone through the genes that live on in us. We are connected to the seasons, the cycles of life and the tides of good and bad fortune. We are a part of the world and the world is a part of us. 

Each one of us a tiny leaf on the World Tree. We are separate yet connected to the same source. We can never truly detach. The best we can do is to accept fleeting each moment as is. Our time and life is short – let’s make the most of it. 

3 thoughts on “Detachment: the art of manifesting nothing?

  1. It’s almost as though you’re deliberately intent on depriving yourself – and others – of worldly joys. The country my mom was born in is so deeply religious that if you mention a desire to become a priest, nun, or monk they start worshipping you. I still think it’s a matter of control, of deliberately keeping the poor down. Though I like to think it started as a measure of comfort, “see, you suffer. You’re noble.” πŸ™„ Cynical Me always says we’re on this planet to experience it properly, with all its attachment (issues), and we can experience The Holy Place when we get there. Not-So-Cynical Me is a bit less glib. πŸ˜ƒ


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