The Tarot Towers: the fall from grace and the happy ending

If it was up to you – what would you pick? The happy ending or the fall from grace? Most people would choose the happy ending. But are we prepared and willing to do the work to get us there? Let’s say we are. Ok – so now let’s get rid of everything that’s built on shaky ground. 

Err… SAY WHAT? Most people aren’t prepared or willing to do that. 

When most people think of the Tower card in the tarot deck, they think of the scary one that’s reminiscent of the biblical Tower of Babel. You know – the one that came crashing down. Many tarot readers (and clients) consider it the scariest card in the deck. 


But we humans should know better. Anything built on a lousy foundation is bound to fall apart. It is only a matter of time. I know lots of people who are in terrible relationships, dead end jobs, and live in cities they hate. They refuse to walk away because they’re scared of losing the illusion they’ve built up. Uncertainty scares humans more than anything else. Hey – no judgement. I’ve been guilty of this myself. 

Before I came to Japan, I had built up a whole life I never actually wanted. It was a life that seemed great to most of my friends – but actually living it was a slow death. It didn’t surprise me when things fell apart – but it still hurt. I had invested a lot into an illusion hoping that one day it would be concrete. I should have known better. My foundation was made of clay.

In Ethan Michael Carter’s post The Kingdom Within You, he talks about the “three defensive towers that keep your kingdom safe from external threats. One of these towers is called ‘Mental,’ the other ‘Physical,’ and last one ‘Spirit.’” 

We live in a world where people generally privilege the physical, tangible and measurable over the emotional and spiritual – and vice versa. I personally don’t believe taking either path to an extreme is healthy. We all need to earn a living in this world so we can have shelter and nutritious food to sustain ourselves on a physical level. But money alone is not enough. I know plenty of rich and miserable people. They feel like something is missing in their life. Their emotional and spiritual lives are like a desert with no oasis in sight. And I know others – who consider themselves enlightened beings who somehow can’t figure out that they can’t live on a castle on a cloud. 

There’s a beautiful tarot card that doesn’t get as much attention as the Tower even though it has one – and a wreath and happy people too. This card is the Four of Wands

Despite the bad reputation that the number 4 has in many East Asian cultures; in numerology the number 4 represents strength, stability and completion. The four elements. The four seasons. The four suits of the tarot deck. 

If we want to build this tower, we first need to get rid of the lousy one that was built on clay. Don’t worry too much about the fall from grace. The only place to go after that is up. Get your foundation sorted – and then slowly build what you want. Balance the needs of your body with your heart and soul. It’s the only way to arrive at that elusive sense of bliss. No more castles in the clouds. It’s time to grow up. 

13 thoughts on “The Tarot Towers: the fall from grace and the happy ending

  1. Outstanding post!

    Thank you referencing The Kingdom Within You, and thank you for showing me some even more deeper and diverse aspects of the Three Towers.

    I love how you highlighted the need for balance between the physical, spiritual and mental, and I truly enjoyed reading how this relates to the powerful (yet not fully understood) world of tarot.

    Great writing.

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  2. Hungary is the capital of kissing couples, I swear. And with so many you can just feel how unhappy they are. Material worth is everything. Or comfort.

    This girl I knew once read for me, about a past life that directly affected someone I’d seen a few minutes earlier. I remember seeing the towers. But as I don’t read tarot (yet), I couldn’t tell what it was. She got so mad at me though, and made me promise never to ask her for a reading again. She’d actually offered. Saw her on the street a few days or weeks later, and she crossed over to the other side (no pun intended, I swear). I have an idea of what she could have seen. It really wasn’t pretty.

    Really enjoyed this post! The Towers card spoke to me even before I read your post.

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    1. The towers is a really interesting card – many readers and querents are scared of it, but I don’t think there’s anything to be afraid of. If things fall apart – there’s a reason for it. We humans don’t like change, though…That’s a huge part of the problem why people are so scared of the tower!

      Hmm… but you got me wondering what she saw in your cards….

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      1. You’re welcome to try. My money’s on murder. It was pretty brutal though. I know some of it now. And yeah, humans are so resilient to change at times, even when they travel (package holidays twice a year, anyone), they resist change. Would be admirable if it weren’t so sad.


      2. To see the world, luv. To see the world. From your hotel window / beach towel, and in a drunken stupor no less. But you can say you’ve been abroad. 🤣

        I can pm you the murder details.

        There’s a statement you don’t get to make / read every day.

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      3. Yeah. For all the adventures we take, we really do need our creature comforts. Interesting, I use a normal deck when reading, not tarot, so my knowledge of tarot is limited. Never saw the towers as fearful though. Of course my first instinct is to say these people witnessed something terrible, connected to towers, in past lives, hence their trepidation and fear. But I think you’re right, it’s an instinct against change. Maybe also because change means hard work and uncertainty. And we’d love for our lives to be at least somewhat predictable.

        I can pm you the whole murder thing if you want. No way am I making that public. 😃

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      4. Feel free to PM me about the murder thing. I’d love to know more.

        Well – we should also exchange readings. I love getting to know other readers 🙂 I’m sure we’ll give each other a lot to think about.

        Yea – it’s nice to be comfortable in some areas in our lives… But not all the time…! Cause then we just get stagnant


      5. Will send pm. Reading would be great. And I totally agree. I’m a bit rusty, as I haven’t done any readings in a long time, so it’ll be fun to get back into it again. And I agree about the food for thought part.

        A certain measure of comfort, yes. Like a pillar to lean on.


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