Meditate away the madness

We live in a crazy world. We really do. If you need evidence of that, just turn on the news. Oh – you’ve turned it off? No worries. You can always count on someone to magically show up and bug the crap out of you. So…you’ve decided to live in your basement and never leave the house? I must warn you about those anonymous internet trolls.

In life, the madness never ends. And just what do we do about this omnipresent craziness?

The Green Woman in the Seven of Stones has the answer. 

Sit cross legged. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Do it till you’re calm. Do it till the world around you no longer bugs you. We cannot escape the madness of the world, but what we can do is give our minds a break. If we perpetually deal with the crazies without taking time to relax and unwind – we will drive ourselves insane. 

The first time I saw this tarot card in the Wildwood deck, I thought the man lying on the ground represented our tired, weary and depleted minds. His injury is spiritual and emotional, not physical. He’s so drained that he’s unable to move. The woman hovering above him represents that connection to the source energy that’s ever abundant. It’s there whenever we need it. All we need to do is breathe and find that stillness so we can tap into it. 

I’ve been meditating for around seven years now. I do it for 15 minutes before and after work. It’s a small yet significant part of my life. I can’t imagine going without it. The Benefits of Meditation have been documented, studied and experienced for thousands of years now. 

I know plenty of people who say that they can’t meditate, or that they’re unable to do it on a consistent basis. For me personally – I think I’ll go mad if I don’t do it. The world offers many temporary distractions to get away from the madness. But only meditation ever gave me peace. 

11 thoughts on “Meditate away the madness

    1. Yea it’s very easy to get lost in our own world, drain our energy and not realise there’s a greater source to tap into…how often do you meditate?


  1. Not enough. Most mornings, some days after work. Thank you for the reminder to be consistent. I notice my mood slips toward negative thought patterns when I don’t consciously take care of myself.


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