Celebrating Life’s Exquisite Little Wonders: The Sakura

Dearest the UO,

It’s sakura season in Japan right now. A glorious time to take in the exquisite beauty of nature. 


Earlier today, a little girl at the boulevard gathered fallen sakura petals and gave them to me. Her curious smile filled with all the happiness that comes from experiencing something for the first time and wanting to share it with another human being. 

As we get older, many of us forget to celebrate the grand adventure that is life. Ah well…  


The first card I drew for you is the Hierophant in reverse. Regardless of where we come from – a big part of functioning in society is living by its spoken (and unspoken) rules. And I get it. We all need to make a living to survive in this world. But then there are those empty spaces – that free time, that space when you’re in between places.

Instead of taking the time to slow down and experience that elusive wonderment, society is full of people who move from one distraction to the next – trying to fill that indescribably painful void they feel inside. They read books and become cleverer and cleverer. They make more money thinking it will make them happy – but somehow that emptiness persists. That feeling that something is missing. 


The second card I drew for you is the Three of Cups. Three ladies dance without inhibition. They let go. They celebrate life with people who are likeminded yet different. They know there is much to learn from diversity. They know that they can experience more together than they ever could alone. They know that reading a book about the sakura can never replace actually experiencing it and sharing that moment with another human being. In spending time with others, our worldview expands in unimaginable ways. 

The third card I drew for you in the Two of Cups. To truly experience the jubilation in the Three of Cups, you must take initiative. The gentleman in the two of cups is the one that’s reaching forward to make that one on one connection.

His solo journey can only take him so far. He now needs to find people who have the capacity to groom him from where he is now to where he wants to be. To do that, he needs to find a suitable teacher and others on the same journey. He collaborates with others so that he can learn far more than he ever could on his own. 


The last card I drew for you is the Seven of Wands. Don’t be like the guy in the seven of wands. Yea – you’re scared of the change, scared of the naysayers, scared of getting hurt, scared of… But you still need to let your guard down and let the right people in – so that you can grow and move on to the next stage of your life. 

It is only then – that you can truly celebrate the beauty that the sakura offers. Don’t let society’s spoken (and unspoken rules) get you down. Let the right people in. Share. Enjoy. Live a little, love a little. 

Till next time, I wish you all the best. 

Your reader,

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