A Love Letter to Life by the King of Wands

Dearest Life,

Most people are content being the kings of their little kingdoms. But not me. Something else drives me. You, dear Life, are the reason why I live. 

I do not care for the suffocating trappings of wealth like the King of Pentacles. Why bother. The more I have, the more I have to look after. Nor do I care for the piercing intellect of the King of Swords. What is the purpose of spending my life up in the clouds on that ivory tower? So far away, so detached, so intelligent yet so cold… Nor do I see value in the compassion that the King of Cups offers. He has a rare gift I will never understand.

There is nothing wrong any of their choices. But my priority is something far grander. Far larger. Far more splendid. My priority is YOU, dear Life – and everything YOU have to offer. You are the greatest adventure man could ever know – and yet most men do not stop to contemplate how incredible a gift you are. 

But I do. I am the King of Wands. I do not need the safety of my throne. I feel stifled in the robes of my achievements. Why should I have to sit here in some ceremonial role whilst there is still a mountain out there to climb, some battle to be won and things yet to be achieved? Why do the others – at their pinnacle of success – choose to sit on their elevated thrones and watch their empires as spectators?

No. Not me. I will never grow tired of YOU, no matter how much you hurt me. Besides, the pain you cause never lasts.   

Unlike the others – I am always ready to walk away from the empire that I’ve created to seek new challenges, greener pastures and the next…moment.


I’m not sure what the next moment will bring. But what I do know is that I do not belong here – on a lonely throne, watching the world go by. We were born to live. To explore. To grow. To burst forth and seize every opportunity for we know that once gone it never returns again. Life, my darling, is such a grand gift. 

Forget the trappings of wealth, intellect, and emotion. I must tell my people to come with me and go on a journey. I am not a young man, but I have the experience to guide them through life’s perils. I have no fear. Never did. Never will. Despite my years, I am still exuberant. Energetic. Full of LIFE’s energy. I will not be one of those old men who shrivels up and speaks of the days gone by with a misplaced sense of nostalgia. 

I will live till the day I die. And when death comes for me, I will greet him with no regret – for I have lived every moment as through my next breath would be the last. 

Ahh… life. Take me in your arms and keep embracing me with all the mysteries you have to offer.

Your biggest fan,
the King of Wands

10 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Life by the King of Wands

  1. Are you planning on doing the rest of the King cards like this? This was so amazing! I’d love, love, love to see you version of this wit The King of Swords!


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