Two of Swords: Sensitivity is a Strength

You’re so sensitive. Don’t be so emotional. Stop being irrational. If any passerby saw you right now, they’d say you were crazy. You make no sense. If you keep wearing your heart on your sleeve, people are going to walk all over you. Don’t trust your intuition – there’s no hard evidence that it exists. And while we’re at it – will you stop being such a softy? You need to be thick-skinned to survive in this world. 

Hmm.. about that…

We live in a world where sensitivity is often mistaken for weakness. Where people routinely and consistency ignore the emotional needs of themselves and their families to get ahead. Where people treat others like cogs in a machine to get the job done. 

Hmm… about that…

Now that I’ve been doing tarot readings for a while – I can tell you that the same suit shows up time and time again for the same person. There seems to be an ongoing theme in a person’s life that the cards somehow seem to sense.

For me personally – the suit that loves me most is…wait for it… the Suit of Swords. Of course…

It’s a suit that used to scare the crap out of me, but these days I just laugh whenever one of these cards pops out. 

Yea, yea… What have you got for me this time?

A woman sits by the ocean. She’s got a blindfold on. It’s daytime but there’s a crescent moon in the sky. She’s got two swords in a defensive position across her chest. There is no enemy in sight. She has all the tools that she needs to remove the blindfold and get up and get on with her life. Instead she sits there – with her blindfold on, guarding her heart against some imaginary predator. 

The Two of Swords is a card that speaks of unnecessary defensiveness – about how we blind ourselves to a wide range of experiences when we close our hearts and rely on our logic to experience and understand life. We’re not seeing the full picture – but we delude ourselves into thinking that we can rely on our intellect come what may.  

Logic doesn’t explain everything.

Whilst logic is necessary to succeed in the business world – it is also cold, rational, distant, calculated, ruthless. It is what stops you from making heartfelt friendships, or relishing in the birth of your first child, or being there when your kid graduates from school cause you were too busy being out there making money you don’t actually need. 

I’m incredibly sensitive by nature. But I’m old enough and experienced enough to know that people will hurt you if you wear your heart on your sleeve. But I also know I’m resilient. I don’t need a blindfold and two swords to protect my heart because I know it’ll bounce back to shape after being wounded.

My sensitivity is a strength. I know how to heal myself. 

As a Pisces, I am ruled by the Suit of Cups. And no matter how many times that sword pierces into my heart – I know, my cup will always replenish itself. 

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