The Seven of Pentacles: Invest Wisely

If you’ve invested heavily in something that didn’t bear fruit – you are not alone. It could have been a business, a relationship or a job. Or perhaps you’ve worked really hard towards a goal and are finally beginning to see some success. But you know there’s still some way to go before you can reap the all rewards you deserve. I think that’s what the Seven of Pentacles is about. 

In this tarot card, we see a man looking at the coins he’s accumulated with a contemplative expression. To me he looks neither happy nor sad – just pensive. Each of the seven coins represent an area in his life that he’s invested in. Some of these investments are bearing fruit. Others are draining him. Others were once rewarding but have now plateaued and become stagnant. 

He is neither happy or sad. He just looks at his coins wondering which ones are still worth it. He’s holding a wand in his hands – representing that there are still things he has to do to achieve all he set out to achieve. Now is the time to make decisions regarding where he needs to focus his energy moving forward into the future. 

Amongst these seven coins are some unprofitable investments. Instead of trying to salvage a bad situation, he knows that he must accept the sunk costs and move on with his life. Continually investing unworthy investments will not magically reap future rewards.


In life, we are ALL guilty of investing in places, circumstances and people that drain us. Many of us keep doing it thinking we have no choice – but at any given moment, I believe we have a choice to focus our resources on people and situations that bring us up instead of dragging us down. 

And there are other situations in life that bring success – but not the kind that makes us happy or is in line with who we are and what we want to achieve. It’s that success on paper stuff that is ultimately meaningless. 

Personally, I’ve had both relationships and jobs that looked really good to the external world, but felt utterly empty on the inside. My decision to walk away from those situations surprised a lot of people. In fact, many people (some of them super close friends) had encouraged me to make those decisions in the first place.

suitcase-1412996_1920But like the guy in the Seven of Pentacles – you have to take that time to contemplate which investment is worth your time and effort. And to do that, you need to do some serious soul searching. You can listen to the advice of others but you have to make your own decisions. No point in blaming others about things that go wrong in your life. 

After spending very little time in my apartment the past three months, it’s nice to be back. Deep down, I’ve always been a nester. I enjoy having a beautiful well-decorated home with lots of warm meals so I can retreat and recuperate from the happenings of the world.

For the past couple of days, I’ve put myself on a kind of on a lockdown. I’m really not in the mood to spend time with people unless I know for sure they’re not going to irritate me. Hey – you know what I’m talking about. There are lots of social and work related opportunities in my life at the moment. I’m starting to realise that a lot of them are distractions. Empty noise. BS. That type of thing. 

In David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas – one of my favourite books of all time, he writes:

“It’s a wise soul… who can distinguish traps from opportunities.”

I’m sure there are many of you out there who are going through what I’m going through. What were your experiences? What conclusion did you come down to? And what did you ultimately decide to invest your time and energy into?

I’m a bit all over the shop in my head right now and would love to hear your stories. 

Till next time – invest wisely. 

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