The Hermit: Money Can’t Buy Contentment

The world is a crowded place full of attractions and…distractions. There is nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. No quick fix left to give you that temporary high. Another drink won’t make it all better. Another cigarette isn’t going to make things alright. The next country, the next relationship, the next God-knows-what isn’t going to make things different. 

You’ve done all those things already – and your problems have stayed the same. You can’t lie to yourself anymore.

This is it. I am done. I cannot do this anymore.

You realise that the answers you seek cannot be found in the external world. In fact, you’ve had enough of the world and all its attractions and distractions. 

There’s more to life than this. There must be.

And that’s when you retreat. You become the Hermit.

A man stands on top of a snowy mountain. He looks down at everything he has achieved and accumulated.  

He retreats from the world because he knows it can no longer offer him what he needs. He decides to take a break from the white noise and superficial rubbish of life and do some good old fashioned soul searching.

To hell with everyone else.

It’s time for solitude – loneliness’ biggest enemy. Like many of you, the Hermit feels far more alone in a crowded room full of people than when he’s on his own. Experience has taught him not to waste his time and energy on people who aren’t ready. So many people are just not worth it.

The Hermit has better things to do: like finding his own light and walking the path it illuminates for him. He is wise enough to know that all that glitters isn’t gold. And with that, he finally finds begins to feel that contentment that no amount of money can buy. 

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