8 of cups: Walking away to find a better day

You wake up one morning and feel like everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve means absolutely nothing. You’ve done what everyone else has expected of you. Your bosses are happy. You’ve made enough money. Hell, even your parents are proud of you. But that sense of fulfilment that you thought would come from it is nowhere to be found. Instead, there’s a voice inside you that whispers, “Life was meant to be more than this.”

But it isn’t. This is all that is. And walking away from that – is what the Eight of Cups is all about. 

Here we see a man, walking away from all the cups he has accumulated. With just his staff, a red coat and red shoes, he steps into the unknown. While there is a sense of melancholy in this card – there’s also an incredibly strong feeling of hope. 

This card is about the fact that fulfilment cannot be found in the things of the world and in chasing that ever elusive next step. The rat race is endless. 

Unfortunately, most of us get super attached to the things that give us security. Even when we’re unhappy, burnt-out or unsatisfied – most of us don’t willingly walk away from security into uncertainty. It goes against everything that our mammalian brain is programmed to do. 

I chose this card because it so succinctly summarises how I feel in this present moment. I want to walk away. It’s time to walk away. 

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