Choose Wisely: A Lesson from the Seven of Cups

So yesterday we talked about how this Eight of Swords lady is unable to see the options she has because she’s all bound up. 


One day, she realises the binds really aren’t that tight. That she can escape, but has chosen not to. So she removes her blindfolds, and look what she finds!

Yes – a myriad of options she didn’t think she had. She’s overjoyed. Over the moon. Ready to celebrate. She’s happy, happy, happy. Jubilant. Oh there are so many cups with so much many things on offer. Everything looks so glittery. So nice. So glitzy. She’s about to reach out for a cup when she realises that not all is as it seems.

There are jewels, but is it true wealth or just the display of it? There is a beautiful tower – perhaps a lavish home – but will it put her in debt? There’s a snake and a dragon and some laurels. Who in the world wants that? Why is it even there? Do people actually pay for that stuff? And exactly who/what is that head? 

And look, there’s some cup emanating a red light – what’s hiding under that white cloth? Oh and why are these cups in the clouds? Are they real or just a figment of her imagination? Now that she’s no longer in her bind – is she looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses?

And that – is what the Seven of Cups card is all about.

You wake up one morning and realise that you have a myriad of options that you didn’t have before. Unfortunately, a large number of them are terrible for you in the long run. That one night stand you have after a breakup that’s supposed to make you feel better, but just makes you feel worse. That McDonald’s Happy Meal that looked so good in the pictures. Do you really need me to tell you it’s BAD for you? 

Or perhaps it’s the opposite.

That cold and distant person that turned out to be real warm and gentle on the inside. He was just guarding a super soft heart. Or that job you didn’t want, but you took cause you had bills to pay. And you landed yourself the best colleagues you’ve had in your life. That really bad time you had in your life that taught you to truly appreciate all the blessings that came after. 

Life is full of moments like this – when all is not as it seems. 

My only advice is – open your eyes and choose wisely. 

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