The Eight of Swords: What Shall I Do?

Whenever a card from the Suit of Swords pops up during a tarot reading – the likelihood that it scares the crap out of whoever is present is very high. You don’t have to know how to read tarot to understand some of these images. Like this one, for example.

Yep – that’s the Eight of Swords. Not a pretty sight – and it isn’t even the most visual image in the suit. The Suit of Swords represents the astrological element of air which governs the intellect. The air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – are known for their ability to see things rationally and logically. They can quickly and succinctly cut through to the heart of the matter without getting wrapped up in emotions. 

So it’s surprising (maybe fitting?) that it is this very suit that seems to inspire the strongest feelings in others. If anyone’s ever spoken to you bluntly without caring a hoot about your feelings – you know it hurts like hell. Or if you’re waiting for someone to say something…and they don’t.

I told her I loved her and she didn’t say it back. That’s the Suit of Swords in action. Words have more power than swords, I assure you. 

For instance, I woke up this morning in a grumpy mood because reasons. The last thing I wanted to see when I did my morning ritual of shuffling the deck was this Eight of Swords lady all bound up, blind and surrounded by weapons that she can’t use. 

Questions sprung to my mind: who put her there? How did she get in this bind? What are her options? Does she know she has them? When will she see them? Is she trapped? Is she a victim? Where’s her power? If she’s given it up for others, can she claim it back? The more questions I asked, the more cards I drew from the deck, the more pessimistic things got.

In the end, I gave up. 

I decided to just let it be darkest before dawn. 


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