Money can’t buy a happy childhood: the Queen of Swords (Part 1)

Ah, so she appears again – the Queen of Swords. But this time in reverse. To be honest, I was a little bummed. I wrote a post on her earlier this week and was looking forward to a new card. I may have been done with her, but she clearly isn’t done with me.

In reverse, the Queen of Swords represents a person who is cold and hardened. Someone who is unable to understand the strong and profound role that emotions play in life. Unable to comprehend them, she downplays them and pretends they don’t exist – much to the detriment of herself and those around her. 

This is a gal who looks like she’s got it all figured – out on the surface. On the inside, though… 

A Tale from Our Modern World

Once upon a time, there was a young lady. She worked at the office of a major brokerage firm. She spent her days talking about bonds, stocks and writing up future financial forecasts. The people she worked with weren’t particularly pleasant. Backstabbing and underhanded nastiness were the norm amongst the staff.

With the clients though, things were all smiles and suits and white lies. In that industry, people are only ever nice to someone when they want something from them. 

Everyone told this young lady that this was what she was meant to be doing: slaving away in a ‘stable’, ‘secure’ and lucrative job. If she keeps working for a company that cares more about the bottom line than for her, one day she’ll be able to buy a house, a car and own a credit card with a super high spending limit. 


So that’s what she did. She made a lot of money. She showed up at work super early and finished super late. After work, she socialised with her clients. She knew exactly what to say to execute the deal. Deep down, she didn’t mean a single word that came out of her mouth, but hey – it got the job done, didn’t it. 

She acquired a lot of money and bought her first house. But she had no time to enjoy any of it. Whenever she had a day off, a nagging sense of emptiness came back to haunt her. So on those days she would distract herself with a nice dress, a manicure and a haircut. Sometimes she would drink too much and wake up in the morning with a terrible headache. 


One day, she wakes up and realises and her life is meaningless and has no purpose. She has lots of money and no idea what to do with it. The thought terrifies her. She meets a fellow banker at a party. There is no love, but there is a common understanding. They decide to get married and have a child. Her company gives her 6 months maternity leave. Bored at home, she heads back to work after the first month, leaving the child with a domestic helper who doesn’t even speak the same language. 

The couple have no time to educate child, so they keep sending the child to daycare and after school programs where the people who work there care more about the bottom line than the well-being of the child.

The child grows up unloved and unnourished. He’s lonely. He needs his parents. When he talks to his parents about his feelings, they brush him off. They remind him of all the money they spend on his private school, toys, iPads and plasma TVs. They tell him to be less emotional as he need to be tough to survive in the world. 

The parents fail to realise the child is only six.

(To be continued…)

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