The Strangest Pick Up Lines I’ve Ever Experienced

It doesn’t matter which country you’re in. You can never escape the… bad pick up line.

I don’t usually write things like that, but I heard something so funny today that I couldn’t help myself.

Here goes. 


Him: You have really lovely long hair.

Me: Thanks.

Him: Can I pull it?

Me: …


Him: I love your shoes.

Me: Thanks.

Him: Can you take off your shoes so I can see your toes?

Me: …


Him: Are your eyebrows real?

Me: Yes.

Him: Can I touch them?

Me: …


Him: Can I buy you a drink?

Me: Will you buy one for my boyfriend as well?

Him: Threesome?

Me: …


Him: Where are you from?

Me: Singapore.

Him: That’s not exotic at all. I thought you were Middle Eastern and could belly dance.

Me: …


Him: Can I see your birth canal?

Me: …


Him: Can I kiss you?

Me: No. I’m taken.

Him: I won’t tell your boyfriend.

Me: …


Him: I take it you know some moves from the Kamasutra.

Me: …


Him: Do you like white chocolate?

Me: I do.

Him: How about white men?

Me: …


Him: Can I buy you a drink?

Me: *suspicious* How old are you?

Him: 18.

Me: I’m too old for you.

Him: I like older women.

Me: How about you keep your pocket money and I’ll buy you an ice cream instead?

Him: …


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